About Us




We produce Multigrain Pop cakes and popping machines that make them.

Our goal is to provide highest quality machines to produce healthiest snack foods to contribute to a better eating lifestyle. The result is that our products- multigrain pop cakes will provide a better eating. Our machines that bake these fresh cakes across the nation-have the power to do so.

Our company strives to build positive and healthy relationship with our valuable customers.
And that's what making "better eating" is all about.


Our Mission.
COCO International, Inc. has set high standards and goals to provide you with highest quality machines and healthiest foods. Quality is a state of mind at COCO International, Inc. We are a mission-driven company to set the standards of excellence for our products. We strive to build positive and healthy relationship with customers. Our goal is to sell the highest quality that offer high value for our customers.

We offer many values to our customers by providing dependable products, extraordinary service and unique customer oriented items. We strongly believe that food in purest state is the best tasting and most nutritious. We continually experiment and innovate in order to raise our standards. We strive to introduce new and healthy products to our public.