Coco pizza

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  • foxbarkfarms

    To do these correctly for a hot pizza meal, including the coco base, one must prevent the toppings from soaking through and creating a muddy mess where the coco base just falls apart. I pre-roasted the coco’s in a low broiler mode until they just started turning medium brown but weren’t burnt. I then took them out, brushed them with a light coating of olive oil, placed some pepperoni down as a “moisture barrier”, placed the pizza sauce on top of this ( be sure to cover the edges of the coco), and sprinkled with grated cheese of your choice. Place them back in to low setting broiler until the cheese melted and just started bubbling. I then removed them form the oven. The coco base was still firm enough to hold in your hand like a regular piece of pizza. The pre-roasting and broiling afterwards are not forgiving. Keep an eye on the broiling and melting. Don’t walk away doing other things.

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