COCO LACE Milk Chocolate

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All-Natural Healthy Snack. Crunchy, Light, and Healthy Delicious Multigrain snack with Rich and sweet Chocolate lace.

Ingredient: Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, White Corn Flour, Water, Sea Salt, Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Soy Lecithin (An Emulsifier) Natural Vanilla

Servings per container: 12
Serving size: 1 Piece (7.5g)
Amount per serving Calories: 30

45 reviews for COCO LACE Milk Chocolate

  1. June Sperry (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these chocolate Lace coco’s. They’re low in calories & just enough chocolate to satisfy my chocolate cravings!!

  2. Sharon Altman

    Love them

  3. gloria hutchinson (verified owner)

    Love this product. I have been on Keto Diet for a year. These work well with Keto. Love the taste. Just a bit of choclate and lots of crunch. Great company. Delivery service is really great.

  4. Linda Kourakos (verified owner)

    Love love! My grandchildren are fans also

  5. Chris Lim

    Enjoying Chocolate without feeling Guilty!! Love it!!

  6. Rebecca Lee

    I love this product. Low calories but great taste!!!

  7. Pearl Russo

    Love love love these. Problem is I can’t always get them here. Only one store has them. I am going to order them online

  8. Kathy S (verified owner)

    The best lo cal low fat snack ever!!!

  9. beverly Rosenmertz (verified owner)

    excellent treat, love them

  10. beverly Rosenmertz (verified owner)

    love them

  11. Barbara Cunnius

    I love love the chocolate lace pop cakes. These are the Best!,, I have tried other brands but they do not compare to yours. I hope you keep making the chocolate lace ones.

  12. Vicki Devlin

    I found these in the supermarket and thought I would give them a try. Little did I know that I would be instantly addicted to them. They are delicious!!!

  13. Carole Parnes (verified owner)

    I love the chocolate;ate lace pop cakes. The mini ones are nowhere near as tasty In fact I really don’t like the consistency or chocolate taste. I also love the multigrain wheat ones. I melt cheese sometimes with avocado on them in toaster oven for a low calorie meal on them I wish they were available locally.(the choc lace are not except wegmansand that ‘s hit or miss)

  14. Marianne Yetto (verified owner)

    I love these. Satisfying chocolate cravings. Special night treat. Spread them with Ready Whip Fat Free Whipped Creamand sometimes fresh fruit.

  15. Lisa Fee

    My coworkers and I at the hospital loveeeee these!!! They’re amazing!

  16. kay e kautz (verified owner)

    very tasty

  17. Natalie Vin

    Amazing product! Picked up at the local wegmans – instantly hooked. Delicious, light, guilt-free and hits the chocolate craving spot. Very happy I can order them online, as they are not available at the West coast where I live.

  18. Helene Saphire (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! I have introduced so many of my friends to your product!
    Thank you for your prompt delivery every time I place an order!
    Wishing you and your staff a safe and happy holiday!!

  19. Barry Tabor (verified owner)

    Very satisfying and stops my craving for high caloric chocolate

  20. Debora

    I love these there great to snack on .I just found out I am diabetic and these are perfect. But I would love the recipe please.

  21. Sandra G Zimmet (verified owner)

    What a great snack, especially during this pandemic. They are satisfying my sweet tooth enough to keep me from eating higher calorie goodies. I have shared them with a few neighbors who all loved them. This is my second order within the past month!

  22. kay e kautz (verified owner)


  23. Margaret Kline (verified owner)

    Love these – there are perfect for a low calorie/fat snack. Adding a little peanut butter makes a good protein snack!!

  24. Kelly (verified owner)

    These little crispy circles of heaven make a bad day good! The sweetness and crunch satisfies cravings and for only 30 calories! We love them!

  25. Karen

    Love these!!! Perfect snack and satisfying my chocolate craving. I will continue to buy your snacks. I have tried everything but the pretzels. My favorite is the blueberry cinnamon but these chocolate may be my Jew favorite.

  26. Marie Piro

    Great desert and snack

  27. Veronica

    I love these cocos. I have one for breakfast spread with peanut butter and honey. Great way to get some protein.

  28. melissa

    Other cocos are vegan. Beware this one contains milk.

  29. Jacqueline Jackson

    very delicious and nutritious snack. I can really enjoy these as my sweet exchange in my diet. I don’t need a case where can I buy an individual pack

  30. Linda

    I love the chocolate drizzle ones. Sadly they are hard to find. I wish Walmart, Shoprite carried them.

  31. kay e kautz (verified owner)

    wonderful taste

  32. kay e kautz (verified owner)

    5 stars

  33. kay e kautz (verified owner)

    tastes great

  34. kay e kautz (verified owner)

    wonderful snack

  35. drschuhart (verified owner)

    Delicious! Great low cal snack. They ship direct from factory, so they are always very fresh!

  36. Ltlchef

    I enjoy these types of crunchy snacks, to keep my weight down, and these are The Best! The chocolate drizzle satisfies my sweet tooth, and if I have a few of them, there’s no need to feel guilty. I wish they carried them more in stores…certain stores they are hit or miss, so I stock up when I can, because I cannot be without these!

  37. Arianna Collado

    This is my favorite dorm snack! It’s an easy snack to munch on while studying for exams or writing note. It’s able to satisfy my cravings with the chocolate drips but be low calorie!

  38. Lisa C

    Love them, they are delicious!! I would have given 5 stars but I don’t like the new packaging, they are not wrapped at all inside the package so most of them are broken in pieces

  39. Linda Ruocco

    I love them

  40. Irene Gray

    Delicious! I can’t stop eating them.

  41. Claire

    Yummy- new favorite snack

  42. Joan carbonaro

    I was buying then regularly and loved them. But, now the packaging has changed and they taste stale and seem a bit soggy. Also, they can easily be tampered with , which was not the case in the original packaging. I will not purchase them anymore.

  43. Lois

    The coco lace is the best. My daily breakfast is a coco lace pop cake with a teaspoon a organic natural creamy peanut spread super thin. High protein breakfast while tasting just like a Reeses peanut butter cup. Delicious, healthy & low carb calories.

  44. Michelin (verified owner)

    AAAAA!! This is my favorite snack!!
    First time I tasted this was from a local farmer’s market, too bad it was out of stock. Good thing you guys sell it on your own website so I have to go grab em!!
    Please continue on making them! I really really reallly love this snack!! 😀

  45. Kirk E Coats

    quality control is slacking off. Love these snax but lately some of them in the package are small and some are only partially covered with chocolate. Your machine may need repairs. LOL

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