COCO LITE Maui Onion

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All-Natural Healthy Snack. Crunchy, Lite, and Healthy made with delicious rich Onion flavor you’ll love. Dive into our Crispy Maui Onion, a Perfect snack for Onion Lovers.

Ingredient: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Natural Onion Powder Extract, Water, Sea Salt

Servings per container: 15
Serving size: 1 Piece (5g)
Amount per serving Calories: 16

10 reviews for COCO LITE Maui Onion

  1. Denise Rainbeau

    Just love these. Can’t get enough.

  2. Ruth Sharon Wright

    Love these things can’t get enough

  3. Lorette Vetusi (verified owner)

    Coco Lite Pop Cakes are my husband’s and my favorite snack foods, and Maui Onion (savory) and Blueberry (sweet) are our favorite flavors. They are fabulous on their own, but also pair well with just about any type of food such as salsa, peanut butter, cream cheese, slices of cheese and/or deli meat, etc. The possibilities are endless! I was thrilled to be able to order them online directly from the manufacturer, as my local grocery store is often out of stock, and often doesn’t carry my favorite flavors.

  4. Veronica Doherty

    .love these but cannot buy at any of my local groceries. Trying to put on weight. Cover a co co with peanut butter add honey. Yummy

  5. Elise schwartz

    Very goid

  6. Veronica Doherty

    Love these. I have one for breakfast every day. Don’t have to worry about weight so I cover it with peanut butter and honey.

  7. Tim

    Excellent. Healthy, my children enjoying also. Great product

  8. JEANNE A GLICK (verified owner)

    love them

  9. JEANNE A GLICK (verified owner)

    best ever

  10. JD Gruber

    sone product

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