Turtle Shells Air Popped Multigrain

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All-Natural Healthy Snack. “Super Duper Snacker Scooper” Enjoy our Crunchy, Light, and Healthy Delicious Multigrain Air Popped Snack.

Ingredient: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Corn Flour, Water, Sea Salt

Serving size: 5 Piece (5g)
Amount per serving Calories: 16

2 reviews for Turtle Shells Air Popped Multigrain

  1. aline.shoes (verified owner)

    Best thing ever, why eat bread when you have this fantastic , amazing, delicious option??

  2. charanet (verified owner)

    Love these perfect to scoop up your favorite salsa, hummus, dip or even just snack on plain.

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