POPBITEZ Chocolate

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All-Natural Healthy Snack. Enjoy our Crunchy, Lite and Healthy Delicious Whole Grain Wheat Popbitez with Rich and sweet Chocolate lace

Ingredient: Whole Grain Wheat Powder, Rice Flour, Water, Salt, Olive Oil, Powder Milk, Soy Lecithin, Titanium, Oxide, Natural Vanilla

Serving size: 28g
Calories: 130

3 reviews for POPBITEZ Chocolate

  1. Ronald Barnes

    Looks good I plan to order now.

  2. Rochelle E Harad

    Had several bags and they are really delicious!

  3. Susan Grove

    👍 They are delicious.

    • cocofoods (verified owner)

      Thanks for your excellent sense of taste and wise snacking choices!!
      We always aim to please!! 🙂

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